Old Spice Amber and Wolfthorn No Gas Deodorant Body Spray Perfume, 140 ml each

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International Bestseller Old Spice launches its new range of no gas Deodorant Body Spray. Available in 6 variants which have been selected across scent camps. The 0% Gas body spray is long lasting. The perfume reduces odour and keeps you smelling magical for 24 hours. Amber holds a fruity fragrance with notes of blackberry, black raspberry, and plum, rounded out with sweet vanilla and amber notes at the base. Armed with Amber, flanked by the Old Spice eagles, you have the beacon to freely spread joy amongst your smellectorate. Wolfthorn holds a distinctive fragrance with bright mandarin orange top notes rounded out with juicy tropical fruit notes. Some hunt in a pack. Some alone. With Wolfthorn, you are comfortable with both. For, in a world short of good–smellingness, Wolfthorn is the president-lord. Smellcome to Magic with the new Old Spice Deodorant Body Spray!

Directions for Use:

1. Hold the can 10-15 cm (4 to 6 inches) away from skin
2. Push button down to spray all over body/clothes
3. Spread the magic of Old Spice fragrance


• Old Spice No Gas Deodorant Body Spray for Men
• Long Lasting Fragrance – 24 hours
• Perfume Fragrance – Amber-Fruity and Wolfthorn- Distinctive
• 0 percent Gas
• Quantity: 140 ml; Item Form: Spray
• Safe on Skin; Daily Usage

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