Best Tips for Treating Dark Circles in 2020/Eye Cream and Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Best Tips for Treating Dark Circles in 2020/Eye Cream and Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

13th Jul 2021

Best Tips for Treating Dark Circles in 2021

Dark Circles

An age-old problem faced by everyone, after a certain point of time Some people even have a hereditary characteristic and develop them early on

Why do people develop dark circles?

Thin, delicate under-eye skin:

Under eye skin loses moisture 50% more quickly than the rest of the body. If it isn’t receiving proper hydration then it will definitely start developing dark circles.

Fatigue, Lack of Sleep And Oversleeping:

Not getting enough sleep is one of the most common and well-known reasons for developing short term as well as permanent dark circles. This also happens from sleeping for far too long


If you tend to be stressed continually, it could lead to dark circles and eventually, more severe issues. There’s no topical formula that can cure this. Take out some time for yourself and find the ways that best help you relax and unwind.

Iron Deficiency:

If you are taking good care of your sleep cycle and skin but the dark circles just wouldn’t go away, there is a slight chance you may have iron deficiency. Consult your doctor to keep a tab of your iron levels.


If you aren’t hydrating yourself properly, your skin will start showing it before any other physical indications.


Along with its other known ill effects, smoking is a common reason for various skin issues like dark circles, skin ageing and delayed repairing of wounds.

Genetic Reasons:

Sometimes it runs in the family genes and you may just develop them early on in life.

Hormonal Reasons:

At times some hormones tend to affect the condition and wellness of your skin.

If you have just started showing signs of dark circles, then you have a chance to prevent them!

You can prevent them by keeping your hydration on point.

You must endeavour to take better care of your skin on a daily basis, along with proper sleep.

. Uninterrupted sleep for 6 hours is a mandate and it can’t be skipped!

.Take self-love weekends, by this we mean take a day to de-stress.

. Curl up with a face pack with cucumbers on your eyes. Cucumbers have a cooling effect on the eyes which helps the skin under it relax.

. Start going all natural, sans makeup. Makeup tends to clog your pores and causes skin irritation which in turn causes you to itch and touch your eye over and over again.

You can always go for quality treatment if you have dark circles. It will definitely show effect. Paired with the above mentioned dark circle tips, they are sure to show great effects on your skin. The best and easiest way out for the same is through a topical treatment, which could include cream or a gel-based ointment. Depending on your skin type, you can choose a better option.

In case of dry skin, you must go for a cream-based ointment as that will help you in further conditioning your skin. If you have an oily / combination skin type then you can go with a gel-based under eye treatment as that will help you in hydrating your skin and wouldn’t cause it to break out.

If you are planning on going for a cream, make sure it has the right combination of ingredients and you aren’t allergic to any of them. Get an ointment which is specially formulated to treat puffiness and under-eye circles. A cream which is enriched with active peptides and Vitamins is sure to show an effect on your dark circles.

Olay Recommendations

One such cream is Olay Ultimate Eye Cream which is crafted especially to treat symptoms like puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. It comes formulated with a power-packed combination of peptides, vitamins and color- correcting particles which directly target the issue.

Don’t fret while choosing an under eye cream or anti-ageing treatment. At times, your skin needs more nutrition than what it can produce on its own. With proper research, choose the treatment required to treat your under eye skin. Start your journey towards a healthier skin today!