Venus Hair Removal Regimen Kit

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No strong

Removes hair
without the pain

fine hair

smooth skin

Apply water
and gel

Use the regimen pack during the shower by wetting your skin and then applying the sensitive skin gel


Gently move Venus opposite to the direction of your hair growth i.e. from ankle upwards, wrist upwards and in multiple directions in the underarms and bikini area


Apply moisturizer for deep nourishment post your hair removal. With this you’re all set to glow!

What is different about the Venus Regimen Pack?

The Venus Regimen Kit has the limited-edition Alicia Souza x Gillette Venus pouch, made of beautiful synthetic leather. It’s super easy to carry all your knick knack beauty stuff in. Also, the Venus Regimen Pack is an all in one pack which consists of the Venus refillable handle, 3 refills and Venus Sensitive Skin Gel, the ideal experience for smooth glowing skin.

Where all can I use Venus?

Venus is safe to use on all body parts, including hands, legs, underarms, bikini area.

How frequently do I need to use Venus?

This depends on your hair growth, which in turn depends on DNA & hormones. On an average, Venus girls use it once every week for glowing smooth skin.

But, doesn’t shaving make the hair grow back thicker and faster?

Not possible! Hair growth only depends on DNA and hormones. The hair shaft is thinner at the top and thicker in the middle. When we shave we remove it from the thick middle part and hence when the hair grows back, it feels thicker. As soon as you feel the hair come back, just glide Venus. Did you know that Venus can remove 4x smaller hair than waxing?

Will shaving make my skin rough or dark?

Not at all, skin colour depends on genetics, not on the method of hair removal. Use Venus and follow the three steps, including moisturizing at the end for smooth glowing skin always.

How often do I need to change the refill and how do I change it?

Venus lasts for 2 -3 months or 7-8 times full body usage, depending on your usage. You can replace the refills when they are worn out. Push the button on your Venus handle to remove the old refill. Open the new refill pack and insert it into the open slot on the handle, till you hear a ‘click’ and you're all set to glide!

Additional Details

Glide strip with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E
Smooth skin without pain or chemicals
Usage Advice:
1. Apply water and gel, 2. Glide Venus opposite to the direction of hair growth 3. Moisturize and you're all set to glow!

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